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Medical Device ComfortDual

  • Purpose
    • To use for tissue coagulation by using high-frequency current
  • Device Classification
    • Medical device
  • Component
    • Main : Control
    • Hand piece
    • Tip
      - Rubbing mode : R-10/R-20(Face & Body)
      - Shot mode : S-15/S-30
  • Electrical Rating
    • Rated voltage: AC 220V / Rated frequency: 60Hz / Power consumption : 15VA
  • Storage Condition
    • General Storage Conditions
      • ① For long-term storage, turn off the power and avoid storing in a humid place.
      • ② Store safely by separating a hand piece and an electrode from the product.
      • ③ Keep out of the reach of children or those who lack communication skills.
      • ④ Do not disassemble or put excessive force on the main part. Do not drop from a distance.
    • Air
      • Corrosive acidic air can corrode the electrical cord and the electrical component. Avoid storing in those areas.
      • Minimize fine dust, since fine dust in the air can damage the device by entering into the electrical component and hand piece.
    • Temperature / Relative Humidity
      • The optimal storing temperature for the device is 10 - 40℃ and the optimal use temperature is 20 - 30℃.
      • Do not store under direct sunlight.
      • The relative humidity of the device is 80% or less. Keep the humidity appropriately according to the temperature. Store it in an open area where air is flowing and the temperature and the humidity are kept constant.
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