Medytox will achieve the vision with unchanging core values.

Medytox Vision & Core Values

Leading the market while investing in new values, Medytox is stepping up its efforts to achieve the grand dream of
becoming one of the innovative top 20 global biopharmaceutical companies by 2022

1 billion
Global Biopharmaceutical Company
TOP 20

As a global biopharmaceutical company that will stun the world with ceaseless R&D, the values of Medytox will never change.
Uncompromising Integrity, Commitment and Courage, Global Standard and Pride, Open Communication

Core Values

With these 4 core values as the compass for navigating business, Medytox is working ceaselessly to secure its position as a global biopharmaceutical company that represents Korea.

We put integrity as the utmost value in all work process from research, approval, production to sales with faith and belief that excellent R&D accomplishments stem from integrity.

We never stop challenging ourselves to make a better, more beautiful future by studying the time of humankind with dedication for greater achievements beyond expectations.

We are proud of R&D accomplishments of ‘globally recognized biopharmaceutical development’ and equip ourselves with capacity and system suitable for global standard.

We build up an open company culture to cooperate with people around the world to make achievements with flexible and open communication attitude of caring and understanding others.